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PCAD History

In April of 2012 the Pettis County Ambulance District was established with the goal of providing high-quality emergency medical care to all residents in the approximately 700-square-mile area that is Pettis County.

Pettis County Ambulance District officially began providing emergency medical services to the Pettis County area October 1st, 2013, with approximately thirty employees, five ambulances and one support vehicle. At the time it was estimated to respond to 3,700 calls per year. In 2020 PCAD responded to over 9,000 calls.

The Pettis County Ambulance District has grown to approximately 50 Full-time Employees and 20 part-time staff, 8 staffed ambulances and three support vehicles.

Some additions to our service over the years include but are not limited to:

  • Added one satellite station at Highway 50 and TT Highway to further cover the Pettis County area
  • Implemented new infection control procedures and equipment for mitigating the COVID pandemic including PAPR respirators, Zoll X series ventilators, LUCAS CPR devices, air scrubber units for ambulances and stations, and UV light decontamination devices.
  • Added the position of Chief Financial Officer
  • Established contractual agreement with the Professional EMTs and Paramedics of Pettis County IAFF Local 5229
  • Developed well-defined protocols and procedures for the Missouri State Fair Volunteer Fire Department
  • Established common unit specifications for all PCAD ambulances and equipment
  • Added the PCAD Educational Center for employee training courses, holding emergency medical technician courses as well as various EMS educational courses
  • Contracted with the Windsor Ambulance District to provide Emergency Medical Services. The district currently staffs two units that provide services to Southwestern Pettis County and the Windsor area, as well as providing transfer and 911 back-up services to the Green Ridge and Sedalia area.
  • Improved Medical Billing Services to allow online submission of payments, insurance information, and various other aspects to make the process easier for all
  • PCAD is proudly affiliated with the following organizations:
    • American Heart Association (AHA)
    • National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT)
    • Missouri EMS Association (MEMSA)
    • American Ambulance Association (AAA)
    • The Ambulance District Association of Missouri (ADAM)
    • National Academy of Ambulance Compliance (NAAC)
    • Pettis County Joint Communications (PCJC)
    • Missouri Ambulance Association (MAA)
    • Mid-America Regional Council (MARC)
    • Fire Fighters Association of America (FFAM)